Free (& some paid) resources for parents who are homeschooling their kids

Posted 6th Jan 2021
Hope this help some of you guys out who find themselves having to homeschool their kids during lockdown. Some of the links offer free resource while others there is a subscription.

PRIMARY Primary Resources - free worksheets, plans and teaching ideas for primary – all subjects Twinkl lesson plans, interactive activities, PowerPoints, worksheets and teaching ideas. Subscription Hamilton Trust – used by many teachers. Wide variety of plans and resources for maths, English and science as well as topic work. Subscription although some plans are free. SEN Teacher has worksheets, links, and free downloads for special education - Also suitable for primary students and children without special needs. Website with games to practice tables as well as printable worksheets. This is used by many schools. Subscription Worksheets, games and activities for telling the time. Subscription Worksheets, games and activities for teaching measures. Subscription…mes Lots of times tables practice games Free - Covers many subjects. Designed for primary but many resources are suitable for lower secondary. Free…s1/ Key Stage 1 Maths, English and Science all linked to the National Curriculum. Free…s2/ Key Stage 2 Maths, English and Science all linked to the National Curriculum. Free Phonics & learning to read game. Free Interactive phonics and reading programme. Subscription Interactive maths programme – Ages 3-6. Subscription…mes - Suitable activities for Foundation and Reception level…cs/ The Jolly Phonics scheme is used in many schools. There are some free resources including tutorial videos and activity sheets on this website. Interactive phonics games and resources. Subscription - although there are some free resources. - This is an American site for maths and English, including reading comprehensions. It is subscription but there are also free resources and free trials available. English skills website – covers lots of topics in English. You can create writing online following clear tips and instructions and then save and print out finished work. (Go to Classroom resources, then Student interactives) Free…htm Primarily aimed at SEN but many resources suitable for primary, especially KS1 worksheets and resources for many subjects Plans and resources on a range of environmental topics. Free Lots of printable activities across a wide range of topics. Free…asp - organised around the UK National Curriculum for primary education. Online tests, interactive exercises, worksheets, pictures and much more based on curriculum subjects including KS2 Maths, English and Science. interactive teaching resources and activities Links to many interactive games and resources across all subjects. Free Wide range of printable resources in all subjects (including reading comprehensions.…l.- interactive electrical circuit games…php Website where you can learn how to design interactive games and coding. Many links to other coding websites. (Coding is now a key part of the ICT section of the National Curriculum). Online Maths games, some free, can subscribe too. Maths online practise, interactive learning games. Some free. KS2 Maths Games and resources e.g. worksheets. £10 to register, some resources free. An online resource for Primary pupils – aims to improve Maths confidence with Carol Vorderman. Subscribe.

SECONDARY…mp3 -Maths, English and Science up to GCSE all linked to the National Curriculum. Free Adult education site which has many activities suitable for ks3 and 4 – free…ths Can be used together with the CGP workbooks - Free biology, chemistry and physics resources for KS3 and KS4 Mini lessons can be searched for and viewed e.g. search: lessons about fractions. A good resource to use initially, followed by a worksheet/workbook task to reinforce learning. Use at parental discretion. A Maths CD called Stuck on Homework, costs £10. Best to combine with a Maths text or workbook either Foundation or Higher e.g. Edexcel…mes…es/>education All three bitesize websites are useful for knowledge based tests, quizzes, clips to watch and learning games to play. Best to start by selecting child’s Key Stage, then the subject you’re looking for. National Curriculum based. Recently been updated and new apps added. Exam board materials such as past papers, mark schemes and examiner’s reports can be found at all three above Exam board websites. Please note that from 2017 GCSE’s will be graded 9-1 rather than A*-U. However these websites are still a good practise resource. Also please note that Maths GCSE questions in future will centre around problem solving.

PRIMARY AND SECONDARY…ces Teaching resources | TES
lesson plans, assessments and worksheets by age range and curriculum subject
. Interactive maths practice - Subscription Used in many schools. Suitable for ages 4-18. Video tutorials, practice, in-built assessment and regular progress reports. Subscription - lots of maths topics at all levels — free These books for English, maths and science are used by many schools. There are textbooks and workbooks and some of them are available in online versions. Lots of maths and English revision quizzes. Free Lots of free resources on a wide range of scientific topics. Primary to post 16 – lots of maths and English activities – Interactive games, complete lessons and units of work, worksheets. All mapped to the English and Maths curriculum. Many of those for 9-11 year olds are suitable for KS3. Subscription National Geographic website for kids – lots to learn about animals and wildlife. Free American site with animation films suitable for all ages- covers lots of subjects – Free…ces Home education website with links to many websites and resources A free Maths and English revision site for both Primary and Secondary. For use with both primary and Secondary ages – select which Key Stage relates to the child’s age and then select the subject they wish to study. For use with children from pre-school age right up to GCSE. Annual subscription of £9.99 but some samples are free. Includes most subjects, advice on expectations of each Key Stage and numerous worksheets.>maths Contains all the Maths resources for all ages in one place.
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