Some Misc Stuff, Batteries/DVD Cases

Found 4th Sep 2007
Firstly just got a digital camera and wanted some good/cheap rechargable batteries + recharger, not so cheap that the last 5 mins.

Also anyone know any retail in the UK which stocks Wii/360 games cases, wanted 3-5 of each any store online sell them? + Replacement covers for games...
Excite Truck + Xbox Live Arcade, both PAL, anyone know a good site to print off replacement covers for them? Only found US sites so far. :-(
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Used my old points card case I found can't find a Xbox Live Unplugged UK cover :-( Could anyone scan theres? I found a nice Excite truck one though. Still after the 360 Cases and Battery recharger.
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Rechargable batteries anyone?
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