some people are idiots


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    “I see it as suspicious. The films in 3-D are very real. With today’s technology, anything is possible “he said


    Oh how.....

    Don't you just love Americans. At least she's not claiming a virgin birth!


    maybe she sat on a sticky seat!

    oh ffs... you're not telling me I got to stop watching porn now.. Better hide this thread from the missus

    lol why do you read this stuff?

    Her husband is a dumbass

    LMFAO at the comments on that 'story'

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    yeah the comments are great

    What a stupid lady.. “Jennifer claimed she went to watch a porn film with her friends”…. Jennifer were your friends, perhaps, naked? and having sex with you while you watched this film? This is ridiculous. *Thumbs down*


    That is brilliant, even by American standards. The best bit is that the husband has apparently believed her. You couldn't make it up.

    lol brilliant!

    Editor’s Update : “As far fetched as it seems this came from a reputable source. it would, however seem that it is a fabrication. PopJolly staff were unable to validate the source after repeated attempts. Still funny though”

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