Some people take things too far

Found 16th May 2007…stm BBC Article

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's Claridge's restaurant has had a tonne of horse manure dumped on its doorstep.

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I don't see why people have problem eating horse

I think thats quite funny actually, Seeing as he does talk a lot of $hit!

Lol! Whilst watching it last night I did think taking the meat to be sampled at Cheltenham racecourse was frankly stupid.

Fancy a bit of Red Rum with your red wine?

Horse meat is de rigeur in France. I'd like to see PETA protest in France.

Original Poster

I think Ramsey is a c*cky git but Claridge's didn't deserve a tonne of horse manure on their door step.

Some of the funniest Borat sketches were when he is with the animal rights protestors or in the country side


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