Some pics of our family morning trip to the farm...

    Hope you like the pics of our family trip to the farm, where my youngest saw santa and we took a tractor ride. Sorry not resized, i dont know how to and my OH is cooking dinner sooo hense why they are big.

    Hope you like them I just thought they would make a refreshing change.


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    wow love the 2nd to last photo! 2nd to last of the first lot of pics! - didnt realise you were posting more lol)

    You should come and join the photo thread we have. Hope you and your family had a fab time x

    Red Crosses. DAMN this internet filter at work.

    Thanks for sharing. What a lovely family day and one to cherish when they look back on their childhood.

    With regards to re sizing pictures I know you can upload to tinypic and choose the re size option or if you use Microsoft outlook I tend to select picture from my pc choose the option to send via e-mail then it automatically asks whether to make pictures smaller or keep original size.

    I choose the former option then from the attachment field I save the picture with a different file name and then you can upload that smaller one to photoshop (which I think is where you did these lovely pictures to)

    Thanks again for taking the time to share.

    looks like you had a lovely family time:thumbsup:


    lovely pics, i swear the horse (pic 4) is smiling

    Some nice pics there. Looks like a good day out.

    Now, is it just me, or do goats' eyes with their horizontal pupils just look wrong? For some reason they really creep me out!

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    lovely pics, i swear the horse (pic 4) is smiling

    now you mentioned it YES!! like a lollllll
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