some questions about iphone jailbreaking

    hi im wondering if anyone can help

    im thinking about jailbreaking my phone but i wanna ask a few questions so here we go

    can you jailbreak a 3gs?

    which software do i need to do the job and some instructions on how i do it

    and what do i gain or lose by jailbreaking my iphone?

    many thanks



    not sure about the 3gs - dont think the software is out yet, but def the 3g....

    pro's..... you can download EVERY app for free.....
    con's .... you can't update the software on the phone once it's done as you lose all the apps you have on it...

    well there you go

    as the man says - Lose nothing Gain everything

    Go for it

    Original Poster

    cheers guys i get what your saying....lets go for it!!!

    if anytthing goes wrong ill blame u lot lol

    just kidding


    Original Poster

    also when im putting music on does it still go through itunes?

    Original Poster

    the porter;7100765

    if u do brick it ill take it off your hands for 50 notes dont worry

    lol well hopefully thats what my insurance is there for :-D

    If you can and do jailbreak, make damn sure you change the default password that lets you inside the phone.

    See this:…tml

    After jailbreaking you may notice that your battery drains a lot faster then before...

    It can be restored back by just doing a restore... However some people don't have the battery problem for some reason so will be interesting to see how yous is :thumbsup:
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