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Found 21st Sep 2009
Hi, i just got an iPhone 3GS on PAYG, never had paygo before always had a contract and i was wondering is there any cheaper way to top up, rather than paying the full £10 in a corner shop?

Also it says i currently have a Favourite Place sim card, i have txt MORE to 21300, i will get 50 weekend and evening calls, if i top up £10-£14, but does this last only for a month, or for however long i want, also is this extra or is this what all of my £10 credit gets spent on?

Is there any other hints and tips for o2, i heard there are loads of things like Rewards?

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get an o2 simplicity contract

800 mins 1600 texts unlimited web £20

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dont want a contract, i was just looking for tips on payg

o2 doesnt let you top up by £5.
but i know orange and vodafone do..

Credit is credit - there are no discounts unless you get it from fleabay or something - but even those don't go cheap.

Tips for o2 payg:

Have you signed up for free treats everytime you top up? (call 2211 for free to choose your treat)
Have you signed up for 10% of your top ups back every 3 months? (text the word reward to 50202)
Free surprises every time you top up.
Make sure you're on the best payg tariff for you - there's free calls, free texts, free international calls etc.

With regards to the favourite place (there are others to choose from like texts or calls etc. if you prefer…ygo ) if you top up £10 in one month, you get::
£10 credit to spend how you like.
500 minutes to landlines and o2 numbers from your chosen postcode. These minutes do not pass over to the next month.
Then you have the treats, surprises and 10% back.

As you have the iphone, I suggest that if you don't already have an iphone payg sim that you get one. This will give you free internet browsing for 12 months as with a standard sim you get charged per MB or need to add a bolt on.

im on o2 300free txt & 300mins web for 10pounds.

sign up to o2 treats(free stuff like mins or txt) and o2 rewards (10% back on how much you top up in a quarter-3months). there is o2 surprises as well which lets you play a game of ducks and depend on your luck your duck could win you a good prize. chances also depends on how much you top up - silver and gold both different prizes,quantity,range and chances.

there is lend us a quid option by calling 4444 for emergency contact if you have no credit.

if you top up every month i suggest get o2 simplicity its a 1month contract not tiedt to 12,18,24months. simplicity cheapest tariff cost 9,79.

edit- my tariff is an old tariff there are new tariffs at o2:…mfG

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ok thanks for all your help, im gonna sign up to the treats and rewards things. Rep left

oh yea i do have the iphone payg sim
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