Some questions on caving

Found 14th May
I've watched quite a few caving videos on YouTube including the nutty putty one.

How do you know that there is not a dead end?
What happens if someone gets stuck?
What happens if the person in the lead gets stuck or has a heart attack etc so that people behind can't proceed?
How do you know there won't be a flash flood?
How does you know there won't be a cave in?

Sorry for so many questions but i am just curious.
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Isn't the answer to all of them similar to the answer to the question "how do I know the gas main at the house isn't going to explode and kill everyone inside my house?" it's something which could clearly happen, but how could anyone know when or if it is going to happen?
Unlikely to happen if you're with experienced people. Highly likely if you're just running through random caves.
Not my idea of fun 😯
Only go caving with no knowledge, if you like the idea of being burying alive and you want your bones to be discovered by a stranger walking caving with their dog.
You can't lean caving from Youtube!!!! Good God, and that's who you'll be meeting if you try.

You go with qualified leader/instructor and with all the right equipment and prep.
Thanks all. Yup stupid question.
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