some routers i need opinions on.

    Looking to get one of these below and just wanted some pointers on them as i really dont have a clue.

    I just want it for general use mainly for multiple computers to all connect at once on a virgin cable connection…jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@1252513857.1232718890@@@@&BV_EngineID=cccgadegfhfdhedcflgceggdhhmdfol.0&page=Accessory&sku=886222…jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@1252513857.1232718890@@@@&BV_EngineID=cccgadegfhfdhedcflgceggdhhmdfol.0&page=Accessory&sku=118743



    go for the D-Link one. Its got a usb adaptor and 2 yrs warranty.. apart from that they both seem comparable.

    Hi, what service are you on? (I think I am on medium, maybe Large) I called Virgin up, and I told them that a friend received a free router, and that I was wanting mine. They checked my account, and I had one sent out in 2 days, for freeee! Works a treat :thumbsup: Give them a phone.

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    not to sure what exact service i am on, I believe its one of the smallest. Only a 2MB line, but will give them a phone after this and see what they say

    another modem i come across was this one…288


    Erm, this should be in Misc not Feedback.


    another modem i come across was this … another modem i come across was this one

    You mean ROUTER not MODEM.

    Virgin supply the modem and you still have to use that when you add a router (Cable routers dont come with the modem included in the router. ADSL routers DO come with the modem included).

    I think both your links above to PC World have timed out, they certainly dont work for me.

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    Sorry about that, Im getting all confused myself with all this lol. Not too sure whats happened to the pcworld website, and i cant find the routers on there at all now so maybe they have been removed?!?!

    d-link router i have found on amazon seeing as pcworld is messing up - ]http//ww…AC/

    and the one from maplin


    i got a router at the end of october from virgin media but i find if you try and wireless work lots of this via it, it plays up - so i just bought - Belkin N1 Vision Router - Argos 6756310 - nearly £ 100 but its the nuts
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