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Some stuff for coronavirus you might find useful

Posted 18th Mar
I've been searching for cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer but it seems they have sold out.

However I have found some useful stuff. Not really a hot deal in terms of price, but in terms of you might find it useful for your household during this odd time. I found them and purchased some items for me and family. I didn't go nuts and bulk buy everything to become a profiteer on ebay. these products are sold out or going for silly money buy I hope if you do it useful you buy like I did for yourself and leave for others.

CLINELL - Universal Cleaning wipes. they clean everything, good for wiping down handles, tables etc and used by hospitals. i found a site when it says its sold out on the catalogue page but when you enter the page it says stock is available. so thier website isn't the best but it is legit. I brought some and it charged about a fiver for delivery. I didn't however get a confirmation mail. So it may well be, they are taking orders and sending them out when they get them. but looking at my receipt the purchase date and shipment date is today so who knows.


wms.co.uk/wms…945 - packs of 50 wipes
wms.co.uk/wms…957 - packs of 200 wipes

Secondly hand sanitizer. i can't find any but looking online at a bunch of reputable sources its seems the best way is to make hand sanitizer yourself. And its relatively easy,mix 3 ingredients isopropyl alcohol 2 thirds. 1 third aloe vera gel to moisturise and combat the harsh effect on the skin and a couple of drops of essential oil for smell ( tea tea is the best apparently as its antiseptic or something. Isopropyl alcohol i found. I guess the aloe gel you can get anywhere like amazon and little spray bottles on ebay or something. you have to buy 3 bottles of 1 litre, so i get you're making them for yourself and friends and family.


I'm pretty sure its the right stuff. I didn't buy the isopropyl alcohol as i purchased Clinell Antimicrobial Hand Wipes from Amazon today. i was very lucky it must of been a window of about 5 minutes before it was sold out. So i figure i don't need to make hand sanitizer as i have enough stuff for myself and family.

Anyhow, hope it helps sorry for the length. and in the words of jerry springer, look after yourselves and each other.

TLDR: you might find this stuff useful
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The alcohol in on back order until May the 5h, very hard to get hold of it right now unless you are ready to pay minimum 10 times the normal prices. I have passed 2 orders on Ebay and both were scams, not too worried as i have paid with PayPal, but there are some really scammy people out there trying to make a buck on the back of a very bad situation
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