Some Suggestions to help improve Techwood 55" Smart LED TV 1080p Full HD Freeview or maybe be any other techwood or Vestel made tv

Posted 30th Jun 2016
i have recently purchased a Techwood 55AO3TSB 55" Smart LED 1080p Full HD Freeview HD TV Black

Fantastic tv for the price

it has wifi built in

the legs are quite far apart as another purchaser mentioned, dimensions can be checked on the listing page, also can be mounted on a bracket, bolts already on the back of the TV.

The suggestions below may help techwood & vestel made tvs as they may have same settings/system

i may have found a way to increase the volume as others and i have found to be tiny and you have to be near 70 range to get decent sound

i was playing through the settings, and came across 2 things

firstly, in the sound setting menu if you Enable, Surround Sound and AVL, i found i only needed 40 range volume to get decent sound, there are other settings that you could experiment with

also just in case anyone has audio to video lag, i found that at the bottom there is a setting which has either PCM or Compressed as Digital Audio Output, the Compressed option got rid of the audio to video lag, and the sound matched up with the display

also there is a way to 'pair' a soundbar, you have to enable it in the settings>more, then in the list
it will have a option for sound location, default will be tv, you can select the external source and pair via the green button

i should also mention that i have downloaded the Techwood SmartCenter & SmartRemote App from the App store for Iphone 6s and works like a dream.

if any of you are having issue setting up the smartcenter app and linking it to the tv then i found that on the settings menu (on the TV) select more and somewhere down the list there will be smart remote or virtual remote option, select enable and then a popup will appear to 'Pair' Smartcenter app on the phone to the tv via Wifi.

this should change it from demo mode to working mode

the smart center app enables your phone to act has a remote, keyboard and as a mouse (via the touchscreen on the phone), also you can have a 'limited miracast function' which can have your media files (pictures, audio, videos) to be displayed on the TV.

although there is no support of full miracast built in to the TV for IPhone's (i am unsure about android phones etc), you can purchase a dongle which can enable full miracast

i hope this helps someone out
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