Some Tech Advice Greatly Appreciated! New PC Needed Urgently!!

    Moving out of a shared house where one super computer was used. Dragged my 4yr old comp out of the loft last night and saw it had a MISERABLE 733mhz, 256mb ram and 20gb HD (11 of which is taken up with Windows XP and other essential software. I have around 5gb of photos and another 20gb to move. Looked at external HD but for £60-£80 it seems the money may be better spent on a new cheap, but still able to run modern games, computer base unit. My old one is empty of software but very very very slow.

    I have been told to go for at least 80gb hd (poss 160gb), 2ghz processor and 1024ram if I want to run reasonably modern, low spec, games and make do for around 3-4 yrs.

    Can anyone advise as to whether this is any good? Dell is a minefield and I need one before the end of next week!…tml

    Budget is only sub £350 :oops: as need rest for setting up a house



    I was just having a look on EuroPC for you, and you might find that either of these two meet your requirements suitably. These are also Packard Bell units...


    or ]http//ww…642

    They're all reconditioned units with a 1 year RTB warranty. I bought something similar from them about 4 months ago and have had no problems with it whatsoever

    Or if you prefer something brand new, try who have loads of different base units... i found this one ]http//ww…052 £351.48 with next day delivery (when they have more stock in) (cheaper if you choose super saver delivery)

    Hope that helps

    I would suggest looking through the Dell bargain posts.

    There have also been a few bargain laptops posted recently in that price range.

    However i think you may struggle for a decent gaming machine in your price range, most of the sub £350 units have integrated GPUs. if you already have a decent monitor you could save a bit and just buy the tower. You could always buy one that you could upgrade to a better GPU when you have more money, make sure there is a spare PCIE slot, same gos for memory upgrades.


    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice!

    If you want a basic PC this may can get a 17inch TFT for under a £100

    click the refurbished PCs and you'll see 3 lited..the top one at £160 seems fine.

    Have you thought about getting a nice laptop instead of a desktop?

    ]This from Comet is a beauty for the money and you can collect from store straight away.

    :pirate: CJ :pirate:

    Another fabulous laptop deal has surface. The spec meets your needs.


    :pirate: CJ :pirate:

    PC world clearance/refurb'd are good deals, check them out, thats where we got our philips freeline, from site without monitor it was £320 or instore with a 17" it was £699!!

    Great deals there


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