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Found 27th Jan 2009
I have an old thinkpad 600E dvd drive (pics below). I was wondering if anyone here could help me convert this old laptop internal drive, into an external drive. Obviously if it's going to cost and arm and a leg, i'll just chuck it out, but i thought it would be nice to do something with some old tech, rather then throw it away.

Any advice on what I need, and where to buy wold be greatly appreciated and repped.

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Just puy the drive in a caddy.

Ye' you can get them in that dimension, butI'mtoolaytooshowyoualink

An old internal to an external, to a pc or notebook, or laptop...

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thanks for the reply guys, I know you can simply put any disk drive into a caddy and turn it into an external drive. What I don't know is what interface my drive has, or what size caddy it would need to be housed inside of.

Wouldn't bother tbh, to much work. They're IDE btw but with a screwed up interface as it also contains the power lines.


That me out then, if the god of "knowledge of hardrives & caddies has spoken"
Alll hail him
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