Posted 25th Nov 2022 (Posted 6 h, 57 m ago)

I am looking to purchase a laptop for my primary school child (year 3) so that they can do homework and maybe play some games e.g. roblox etc. I am not very technical so not sure what would be best, I have a budget of £200 max. The school suggested a chromebook but as I don't really know about these things was hoping someone with knowledge could help me out.
If it could last into secondary school that would be a bonus.

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    Itzoo frequently has refurbished laptops for under £200. Bear in mind these are 4 years old typically.

    Here is a decent Chromebook deal from John Lewis. New machine with a 2 years warranty. But a little bit more than your budget. Chromebooks are perfectly fine for typical home uses. (edited)
    Thank you, that is helpful. I shall take a look
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    I would expect any laptop or Chromebook to have a shelf life of three years, so work out what you would want to pay over three years and budget that way is my two pence.

    I have bought expensive laptops and the school gave my daughter a chromebook - both lasted three years before they had to be dumped to be honest!
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    I bought my yr3 and yr4 kids a Chromebook to share as they use them at school. I got the HP x360 touchscreen one for £280. The parent (Family Link) controls of Chromebook are pretty good
    How about this lenovo.…131
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    Schools tend to work with chromebooks, you won’t find one at that price point I don’t think that will stay current with updates for a further 8years.

    It will still work, just won’t get google updates so in later life apps may no longer work that require the latest updates.
    Thanks Freddy, is there a cheaper alternative for something that would be compatible as I am assuming Chromebook has only been suggested for google apps.
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    Make sure you have good security on it if they play Roblox
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