Somebody hacked into my eBay!!

Check your ebay account time folks.
I've been trying to sign in today but it kept saying my password was incorrect.

Anyway, eventually spoke to a lady operator on the live help thing - she put me through to their security centre who said they had put a temp. block on the account because some dodgy geezer had gained access & tried to flog a fake handbag!!!

Anyway, all my passwords are very obscure so whoever did it must be v.clever.

Just goes to show, nothing is safe.


Sorry to hear that. But I suppose this will be a thing of the post when they bring in the seller verification process

had the same done to me, but they was trying to sell pink GHD'S


Had mine hacked recently too, someone was sending dodgy messages from my account- Had to go through the security checks with the live help guys. Had to change my email account password too.

same thing to me.ebay locked my account before id even realised

Is it a conspiracy? A whole load of account hacks, just before they bring in their new seller verification thingy :whistling:

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A pain but a necessary one i suppose.

Just makes you wonder how they get your passwords. They even got into my hotmail & blocked incoming messages from eBay. So i didnt even know about it!


same thing to me.ebay locked my account before id even realised

same here :thumbsup:

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Wow - thought it was just me they were picking on!!

Never had mine hacked... though it is scary especially when you think of fees you could ned up paying unknowingly.

Had mine hacked.... oh no wait, it was just me using it at a different IP :thumbsup:

Had someone use my paypal though a couple of weeks back. No idea how, didn't even put in a new address, change the password or anything. I decided it was time for a new password on my accounts anyway, so wasn't a big pain. Just need to check if I have been refunded the rest of the money.

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To be fair to ebay - we normally call them down on here - i suppose the acted correctly & in my best interests. They also credited the fees & pulled the rogue listings straight away.

All passwords changed now. phew.

Im Scared!!!!

me too, some french geezer


me too, some french geezer

Me too , aparently i was selling a load of rolex watches :x
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