Somebody help me understand my hot water system, please!

Posted 19th Aug 2008
I have recently moved into a new flat. Previously, I have only had combination boilers for heating and hot water. When I looked around here, I was shown the boiler and just assumed it was a combi boiler, fine. I refused an explanation of how it worked because I am a man and of course understand it

However, when the landlord and agent had left, I realised I was wrong and that it actually had a hot water tank. Still, I can deal with that, the gas boiler will heat up the water in the tank and will have an electric immersion when necessary - all controlled by the timer system (and thermostat for the heating).

Wrong. It seems not that the hot water tank is only fed by electric and can only be turned on or off (no timer), does such a system exist or am I misunderstanding it?

The hot water tank is massively insulated and as far as I can see, the electric heater (circa 3 kw) simply tops up the temperature from time to time based on a thermostat. If this is correct, what is the system called please?

And yes, I am ignorant to any heating system other than an on demand combi!
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