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Somebody using my name to open fraudulent catalogue credit accounts

Posted 3rd Oct 2011
On Friday I received a letter from a debt collection agency, asking me to contact them regarding a 'personal matter', I know I don't owe monies to any companies to out of curiosity got in touch. I apparently owe La Redoute over £300. During the conversation I was told that the address details were my previous address, which I left in March 2009!

So after contacting the police for a ref number I contacted the debt collectors again, and this info was sent back to Redcats (UK La Redoute).

I was made a little paranoid by this so ordered credit reports. It showed a search by a company called Classic Confidence (JD Williams), I have since been in contact with this company and there is an account set up in my name with them!!!

So I have spent this morning scanning proof of address docs for these two companies so they can remove my name from the debts!

Neither had performeded a credit check for these accounts AFAIK (I am on the electoral roll at my current address, and have been since I moved) The search on my credit report from the second company showed my DOB out by 12 years, and this was 10 months after they had last sent stock to my previous address!

I am assuming that some mail for me was sent to my previous address and the scumbag took a shot that paid off! And before anybody says it, NO it was not me ordering stuff and simply not paying, as the accounts were opened a year to 18 months after I left!

Is there any way to find out anything in your credit report from more than 12 months ago? Or a way to find out if you have accounts open with creditors? Only the La redoute debt/account did not show on either Experian or Equifax.

If you managed to read through my tale of woe, thanks, and sorry for boring you lol!
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