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Someone else connected to my Anker Soundcore Mini bluetooth speaker

Posted 16th Feb 2022
Hi everyone,

This has never happened before so I thought it was incredibly strange when I turned on my speaker to suddenly hear a random person having what sounded like a phone conversation. Was it a next door neighbour (I'll get onto that)? If so, were they that stupid that they failed to see they connected to the wrong bluetooth device in the first place?

It was turned off for the last 3 hours as it was getting charged. The second I reconnected the speaker via aux cable (always done this) to my laptop, my music wasn't being played so thought that was weird so I turned the track off. I could still hear the person having a conversation. The 2nd time I tried to turn it off and turn it back on again, the person who was connected to my bluetooth speaker realised it and told whoever was in the background "turn that off". Ironically enough, it sounded like there were people talking in the room next door to mine and then they suddenly shut up the second this happened.

This is the first time that this has ever happened though so I'm a bit concerned as to what happened here and how? I've just tried turning it on again (still via aux) and it is now working fine the same way it has always been.

I understand with the way bluetooth works people can connect to your own devices even if they're strangers outside etc but surely you'd check to see which bluetooth device you've paired with/connected to?

Could someone shed some light, please?

Thank you.
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