Someone hit my i go through insurers or privately settle this?

Posted 19th Feb 2013
Someone hit my car this morning, it was parked off street and was early morning. Luckily my mum was going to work and noted the number plate, it was by someone who lives further down on my road. I went to the person's house in the evening and the neighbour who saw me told me the car belongs to this lady (and that she hits alot of cars), I knocked at the door saw the husband, explained my situation and even he knew why I was at the door. He said let's talk tomorrow and gave me his number. Now my question is, should i go through insurance or not, im weary about going through the insurers as they might increase my insurance cost next year even though I was not at fault (they mess these things up easily), if I get it sorted outside, do I just need to get an invoice for damage costs at a local garage or something?
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