Someone In Merseyside To Mod My 360

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Found 6th Oct 2007
Someone In Merseyside To Mod My 360, or someone tell me what I need in order to do itmyself cheers!

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To do it yourself yo uwill need to invest in a SATA card that will allow the firmware on your DVD Drive to be "rewritten".

A PC is also needed which can take the SATA card above and situated close to the 360, to use the power from the 360.

You will also need to make some plastic clips (can make out of CD Cakeboxes) to open the back of the 360, and you will require a Torx10 driver.

- Steps are:
Setup a PC with SATA Card, download software and firmware from the web
Open up your 360
Identify which DVD Drive you have and ensure the firmware and method you will use is correct for the type.
Connect up 360 near to the PC, with video cable in (it doesnt power up for long without this in).
Remove SATA from the 360 and plug into PC - keep power still in the 360..
Restart PC and ensure the SATA card is recognised (specific cards only recommended to work with SW else you will have to mod software aswell and thats a pain with io and irq numbers in hex)
Once PC at DOS prompt, depending on the type of DVD drive you have power on and off in the sequence demanded.
choose option to copy the original firmware "Key" from the DVD Drive.
Once copied, use software tool to patch this original "key" into the new modified one.
If you think 150% you did everything ok, then choose option to write the new firmware to the DVD Drive.
if succesfull, test - all well then close up.

The reason why you have to do this is the DVD Drive is paired to the motherboard of your 360; so you cannot take your DVD Drive and expect it to work anywhere else.

By copying the unique key (and making backups of it!) you can "inject" this key into any drive and also replace the firmware with modded ones that will allow backups etc.

There are GUI tools that will automatically do the above software checks etc, however these are paired and I personally dont trust anything in Windoze! prefer DOS where you can see exactly whats going on without any background processes etc.

There are multiple types of drives, the easiest to work with are the Samsung ms25, then Samsung ms28 which need a few power on and offs at specific times. The Hitachi is also relatively easy - havent tried the new ones!!

Once you have done a few it becomes second nature, however if the above sounds daunting then get it done by someone else as the cost of the SATA card is easily £20-25 and is pretty close to the cost of the mod!

Im in Birmingham if you were closer to mod! Good luck!
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