Someone please check this out it doesn't seem right! :o

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Found 28th Feb 2006
Hi just come across skyhols.com and some of the prices seem mad!

Please do following and tell me what you get!

Select sunholidays 6th Sept 06 +/- 7 days
You want to go to Cyprus for 7 days travelling from Manchester
You want to go to Larnaca and don't mind which resort or accomodation you stay in but you want to be all inclusive
There will be 2 adults, 2 children (14 and 10), and 1 infant travelling
Now do a search
Choose the first accomodation, Narcissos Apartments
Select 2 studios with 2 adults and infant in one and 2 children in the other
Choose sky travel insurance and agree to t&c
Select all inclusive option

Now look at total and carry on to next page and tell me what the new total is.

This is happening with quite a few of their holidays but it doesn't seem right. I have also priced it up with 14 year old as an adult as the child age is up to 12 once you select a hotel but it has came out even cheaper!

Would you book this? If so which way? As 2 adults 2 kids and an infant or as 3 adults 1 kid and an infant?? When you go to enter details of kids the age goes up to 15. I'm well confused!


when i try and select the 2 studios with the allocated people, the next page is "the page cannot be displayed"

i guess if their prices were mad maybe someone's noticed and is trying to fix them??

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Hmm maybe it's because I was still on it and they've only got a couple left? I'm back off it now

I see what you mean, the price shows up over half price off, thats a great deal.

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Should i book it though? Best I've found anywhere else is roughly £1400, it comea out as £1039 if it's 3 adults, 1 child and an infant and £1100 if it's 2 adults 2 children and an infant. But the end bit is confusing me, should I book as two kids then if the worst happens and they say she should be classed as an adult i'll get some money knocked off?!

if the child age on the site is 12 i would say book the 14 year old as an 'adult' - it's in their terms and conditions then and you're covered...

although i'm not sure if they'd let the 14 yr old and 10 yr old share a studio by themselves - i'd look into that first before booking.

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Can't find anything about child age on t&c but I am going to email them to check price as it says they will not honour any erroneous prices on their website. Will let you know what they say!

"as the child age is up to 12 once you select a hotel"??

clever of them to say they won't honour errors - fair enough!

let us know the outcome penny!
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