Someone please help me! Sons been messing with laptop!

    ARRRGGGHHH could kill the little swine lol!

    While i was out the room he decided to have a quick mess (just turned 2)
    and now everything is huge!
    Dont know how to explain it, but i guess its for people whos sight isnt so good, everything is enlarged is the only was to put it!

    I dont know how to get it back to normal size except do a system restoe back to yesterday, but that seems silly as hes obviously messed with a setting somewhere, i just cant find where

    Help me please!


    If he just zoomed in, then hold cntrl and use the mouse wheel to zoom out.

    Other wise, he may have messed with the resolution - right click somewhere on your desktop (not on an icon) and click properties. Click settings, then move the resolution slider to a higher res and click apply. Does that work?

    Original Poster

    The latter worked, thanks so much, hes done the same before and i fixed it then, but id forgot, but i wont this time!

    Thanks so much youve really saved my life lol, things like that drive me up the wall!

    Really grateful.

    Must have a really smart 2 year old if he can already do that.....

    He's going to be a computer hacker or something...!

    Original Poster

    God dont say that LOL

    Ill settle for computer buff

    Bright lad, lucky kid.
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