someone please help with o2 account swap?

Posted 12th Aug 2022
o2 stupidly opened 2 separate accounts for my 2 mobile numbers
is there a way to close one account and add it to the other one?

customer service have already messed up enough so i would like to do it myself

thanks for your help in advance
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    Hey not sure if you've sorted this now.
    When you login to myO2 there should be section "Do you have other O2 products and services?" You can click the link there and add details to your main account so all numbers are under one account
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    They done the same thing with mine when I upgraded. o2 customer service are most of the time utterly useless. Only they can merge the accounts I'm afraid.
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    3 calls and 4 hours later, i am still at the same point
    they could not merge the 2 accounts.what a waste
    Try again. They merged mine. Sometimes it takes ringing a few times before you get one at least 50% competent.
    I'm going round in circles too with them. Been putting off giving them a ring. Utter disgrace of a company. Hope you get it sorted mate. (edited)