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someone slashed my tyres.

Posted 6th Feb 2017
I awoke to 8 slashed car tyres this morning, some sort of blunt knife which has cut jaggy lines in the side walls of each tyre on my cars, one car had my boys wheelchair in and disability badges clearly displayed didnt even prevent them from having some moral thoughts before doing this.

Im looking at a Bill of around £800 to replace every tyre or a claim on the insurances..

The police said without any evidence they couldnt do anything, I have no idea who would do this or why, we keep ourselves to ourselves, but we feel we must of been targeted as we live in a close, no one else's cars were touched, and it happened at between 3am and 6.30am

Luckily the one of the neighbours has a CCTV camera that covers the bottom of the street as someone was throwing weedkiller on his lawn a while back, he had to go to work this morning, but said he will review it tonight, so I am hoping he has something, I can pass on to the police.

Anyone know of a CCTV camera system thats good enough to pick out a face only one to cover front of my property and the cars? never had one before or considered it.
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