someone walk me thru unlocking an iphone 4

    GF won an iphone 4 8gb on T-mobile a few weeks back. attempted to sell it, got annoyed at ebay users buying then not paying or changing their mind, or people offerring stupid money for it.

    so she wants to be able to unlock it and use it with a 3 microsim rolling contract.

    how would one go about this.

    personally I've not had an interest in apple stuff, like er...ever.

    any help much appreciated.


    so many guides online, I think you need limera1n... Google it

    Depending on what OS your on... If your on 4.0.1 Or under you can simply downgrade by opening you browser on the iphone and going to and then letting that do the rest, If your on 4.0.2 then you will have to downgrade to 4.0.1, There are various guides online on how to do this, If your on 4.1, your screwed.. Wait until a 4.1 jailbreak is released..

    Original Poster

    its never been switched on yet, charged up, activated etc etc.
    still sitting in its box.

    so someone point in the right direction, cos I dont wanna brick it.

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    OK its powered up, on t-mobile, version 4.0.1. and modem firmware 1.59

    found a coupla guides…eo/…253

    will these 2 make the iphone unlocked to any network?

    sit tide and wait,the jailbreak and unlock coming soon.
    check on iphonehacks website.
    the mac version has out but window version is on the way.
    i also waiting for it. lol
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