Someone who has subbed to Which - please help +rep =]

    Hey, im looking for a new electric toothbrush can someone print screen the reviews on which please?


    Which ????

    Which Witch?

    Bad timing as Braun prices have gone back up recently and the ones that were £22 are now £39 ,The Oral-b 2000 uses Nimh batteries and has the same performance as the more expensive ones so is probably the best buy ,Love mine,

    Not a lot on there for best buys:

    If there's a specific model you're after let me know and I will see if I can find a review for it.

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    Not a lot on there for best buys:

    Great thanks thats fine

    Just repped you


    Great thanks thats fine :)Just repped you

    My link was better than that :x



    My link was better than that :x:p

    Not really, she asked for which? reviews.:p :lol:
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