Found 26th Mar 2008
Warning, when trying to log into snapfish it re-directs you to this weird foreign website where it's just loads of adverts saying things like stop pop ups and common places out. Also loads of pop ups appear.
Does anyone know how to contact them?
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Could be an expensive phone call!

Domain name:

Hewlett-Packard Company

Registrant type:
Non-UK Corporation

Registrant's address:
3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto

Markmonitor Inc. t/a Markmonitor [Tag = MARKMONITOR]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 20-Jan-2000
Renewal date: 20-Jan-2010
Last updated: 11-Dec-2007

Registration status:
Registered until renewal date.

Name servers:

WHOIS lookup made at 10:54:28 26-Mar-2008
found some more details:

Customer Service
Visit our customer service page to find the best way to get in touch with us.

Snapfish UK
88 Wood Street

Phone: 0870 7200 387
Web site: [url][/url]

Advertising on Snapfish
To find out about advertising on Snapfish, contact us at

Business Development Inquiries
To discuss business development and marketing opportunities contact us at

Media Inquiries
Editors may direct media inquiries to:
Niamh O'Grady
Porter Novelli for Snapfish by HP
Tel: +44 (0)20 7853 2205
deleted55054Original Poster
Brilliant thanks, have you gone onto the sign in bit on the site and it's redirected you??

Brilliant thanks, have you gone onto the sign in bit on the site and it's … Brilliant thanks, have you gone onto the sign in bit on the site and it's redirected you??

No, not going to in case they've planted any browser hijack scripts in there! Make sure your antivirus is up to date!
deleted55054Original Poster
Thank you, hadn't thought of that. I think it's upto date, we use nod32
deleted55054Original Poster
right the website that loaded up is [url][/url] and when you click down on the history the little page underneath says ?dn=tracking.dc-storm
Just a web tracking site nothing to worry about there.

StormIQ™ is an integrated web analytics and PPC optimisation solution offering cutting edge tracking and reporting.

Track all of your traffic sources including PPC, natural search, email campaigns, comparison campaigns, banners, referrers and direct.

Did you ring snapfish?
deleted55054Original Poster
Nope just emailed them.
deleted55054Original Poster
Just on phone to them now
deleted55054Original Poster
they said it's a virus on my computer but each time I try I get re-directed to this website…%3D

please will you try and see if it's ok on your computer?
I Have No Problem Accessing There Site
deleted55054Original Poster
it must be my computer then. Thanks for letting me know xxx
no probs here either
deleted55054Original Poster
the front page opened ok, its when you click get started
deleted55054Original Poster
Oh thank god it's not just me!!! Does the front page load up ok, but you click get started and it re-directs you?
Get started takes me to some weird landing page

Oh thank god it's not just me!!! Does the front page load up ok, but you … Oh thank god it's not just me!!! Does the front page load up ok, but you click get started and it re-directs you?

Yeah thats right :thumbsup: am using firefox
deleted55054Original Poster
Oh good, I think the other posters have just opened up the snapfish and not clicked get started which is where the problem is. I rang snapfish again and they said they have logged the complaint. So let's just hope they fix it!!
deleted55054Original Poster
Just checked it again and it's still re-directing me to that website. Will other people please click on the get started button as this is where the problem is. 2 people have agreed that it does the same on their computer so please please will you double check that it's just not us.
Thanks in advance xxx
I've just tried it, clicked on get started and it worked fine for me.
Seems to be hit and miss then..
All good for me just signed up, thanks.

Yup, it works fine, i can sign in etc no probs at all.
works here no probs

Its this page:…ion

Click it and it starts to load, then redirects to that adxtn site
works fine for me.
deleted55054Original Poster
I just cleaned my internet cookies and history etc and it's still redirecting me. I've let them know about it so it's there loss of business.
Very strange, I tried it before on the laptop and didn't have a problem. I'm now on desktop, just been on google looking for a car part and I kept getting redirected to that site and was bombarded with pop-ups - so it's not just snapfish .
They probably either didnt believe you or didnt understand what you were going on about and thought you were a nutter or something
deleted55054Original Poster
I went on there today and it's working fine. My partner had gone on another website and had the same problem being re-directed to that website. I think it's just a little innocent hacking if you can call it that lol. Just trying to drum up extra business for them rather than harming anyones computer.

Also, I noticed that on the snapfish opening page there's a get started link, and a log in link which I was clicking the get started link. I think the log in was working fine which is probably why other posts were saying they had no problem.:thumbsup:
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