Something a little different for PSP and PS3 owners - Echochrome

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Found 10th Jul 2008
For those that may have missed this I thought I'd start up a topic as I think this is quite a standout game for being something quite different. It's now available on PSN and in stores (PSP) in three versions:

PSP - Echochrome Micro(PSN, five pounds) - downloadable version for the PSP
PSP - Echochrome(UMD, 20 pounds) - full version with more content
PS3 - Echochrome(PSN, 7 pounds) - same game but different content (apparently)

The idea of the game is that perspective is reality, what you see is how it is - basically if you rotate the camera to make it look like two beams join together then your character can walk between them even though in real life it would not be possible. You can rotate the camera to make a column block a hole in a beam so your character walks across it without falling, it's very Escher-ish.

I downloaded the demo a while back and have been eagerly awaiting it, I popped the PSP version on this morning for a fiver to see how I get on with it as there's a lot of potential to really mess with your head and make for a difficult puzzler. So far for five pounds it's quite a bargain (need to see what the UMD offers although can't see it being worth the money) and would definitely recommend others to take a look. The presentation on both formats is very simple, everything is black and white with no textures or shading with violin music playing in the background. Given the many games that go for style over substance the minimalist aspect of Echochrome really appeals to me.


I downloaded the whole game for the PSP a while ago, not a bad game.

This is one of the few games on the PSP/PS3 I have been keeping a bit of an eye on. The simplicity in design is what is lacking in many games, while still being a new concept that is going to offer the consumer a challenge.
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