Something amusing...


LoL thats worth rep alone

lol, that is funny.

lol:giggle: :giggle:



Original Poster

thanks for the rep dan! Now we know where not to buy fridges ;-)

much like some of the price comparisons you see in Tesco £1.49..Morrisons £1.49...and you think sooooooo???

You forgot to take into account...

"3. Services You Might Like.
Removal of your old defrosted refrigeration appliance
Only £15.99"

I remember a dvd offer ona site -- the dvds themself were £3.99 each and if you put 2 in the basket it came up special offer 2 for £10 -- lol so i just ordered 2 separately

that made me chuckle :giggle:

bargain....or perhaps not :giggle:
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