Something for 30th Birthday gift -

    One of my close friends is 30 in a week. She wants something which is a 'keepsafe' and I know alot of family are getting her jewelery items. I don't know what to get her, budget is about £50 and I am looking for something special given that it is a special birthday and something she will remember us by but I am thinking she may have a jewellery overload. Any ideas, I'm really stuck.


    I know its Jewellery but I always recommend Pandora bracelets

    How about if she's a close friend printing some fave photos and making a scrapbook.

    I'm 30 in a weeks time too

    Pandora bracelet a nice idea

    Or maybe one of those newspapers from day she was born, prezzybox do them for about £35 which would leave you enough to dig out an old pic of you both you could have framed

    will take a little time but when it was all our 30th birthdays we all did a cd for each other of the number ones on every year of our birthday quite fun as we still dance (when drunk) to some of the songs lol

    a cd of the hits of the week she was born, or a coin from that year, even a collage of pictures of hers from that year or images of that year week. my mate got one of those for her 4oth and it was great. we all check it out regular at hers, or the whole lot together if you are arty.

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    I will look into a pandora bracelet too, I'm sure I saw someone selling one on here. I am definitely going to do the CD that's a good idea - thanks!

    How about the box to hold all her treasures and keepsakes? I know you can get some beautiful ones, I just can't remember what they're called...maybe someone else knows? I searched Keepsake and memory box but it mainly came back with wedding and baby boxes. Found this one on ebay which is quite nice *********…26b and the seller will personalise with a name too, or create a whole new box. Something like that maybe. Good luck!

    You can't link to ebay can you... Item number 200442651243
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