Something for nothing??

    Hi, Ive been on here a few weeks now, mainly entering the competitions.

    Some people never win anything, others have posted lists of prizes they have won.

    Can you really get something for nothing, what are peoples experiences with winning big prizes, do they just give you the car etc, or do you have to sign over your soul!!



    The chances of winning a big prize has got to be little to slim. But i have won 4 bottles of Crusha milkshake.

    Never "won" anything, but received many freebies, some are quite useful.

    I've never one anything like a car but i've won lots of video games and DVD's.


    I won a telly some years back but never tried any of the comps on here as I'm generally just not lucky! :-(

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    I would be happy to win anything, I suppose you gotta be in it to win it.

    A friend has one 2 cars, 3 holidays and Dinner with David Beckham. That is over 20 odd years tho!!
    But not bad going for a hobby. I would be happy with Crusha Milkshake. :whistling:

    i won a prize off nivea comp and i know 2 people who won camcorders from doritos comp as well - stroll on daily mail cottage comp!!

    I have won something after competing in the Orange balloon race...still waiting for my big Orange blow up balloon I bet lol


    I have won something after competing in the Orange balloon race...still … I have won something after competing in the Orange balloon race...still waiting for my big Orange blow up balloon I bet lol

    I reckon it's a free sim. :w00t: ;-)


    I reckon it's a free sim. :w00t: ;-)

    Pmsl knowing my luck it will be

    Never won loads of stuff, but get the odd thing..... best win last year was pair of tickets to see The Who in Wembley. Am waiting for this years best.........

    I received a big hamper the other day from Mad Hatter full of goodies tea, picture frame/post its lovely Jar and the hamper is lovely - won it from here - entered Mad Hatters Tea party Comp (1st comp they have ever had) entered in hubbys name as I thought he would be more lucky than me and - he was

    i won a wii with orange back in march

    Never 'won' anything but I did 'earn' loads of free stuff with referral sites.


    This year i have won:-

    Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Colour Conditioner in the Great Glamour Giveaway

    Morrissey's Greatest Hits from XFM

    My mum is always winning stuff, she has just won a holiday to France

    I keep entering and hoping

    In 2000 I was on 2 holidays (Ibiza & Zante), won from Thompson competitions. I have also been to Tenerife in 2002 on a holiday won from Going Places. Nothing since though :-(

    I cant even win a tin of cat food - no matter how much of the Felix stuff I eat and collect tokens for and enter into Glamour Puss of the year competitions etc...



    Oh well, am interested to read other peoples messages though....

    Off for a Cat-Scan...

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    Wow, Thats great, A bit of motivation to keep going, think im becoming a bit addicted to it!

    Nice to hear of peoples wins, keep them coming, and I will post when I win my Cars and Holidays!:thumbsup:

    ive won quite a lot of smaller things but i did win (well came second) on the Argos website - the prize was tickets to the world cup football first match - i entered it in hope for winning for my husband and son - i got a call and was told id come second and i just thought 'here we go - do you want a phone contract'(the comp was in conjunction with Tmobile) - well i actually won a party with a host for 40 people including all drink and food - and there was more than enough food and drink - a flat screen 42" TV - a dvd player- surround sound system - £ 30 of hmv vouchers - a large bottle of tequilla (something to do with where the match was being held !!) - inflatable chairs, goal posts and football - so i suppose the saying is correct - YOU GOT TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT - so i always enter competitions
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