Something not everyone may be aware of, Amazon coins. Up to 20% off face value. Can purchase Amazon hardware as well as apps, music, and vid

Posted 30th Aug 2019…P9W

3286994.jpgI just came across Amazon coins. I have never seen them before. You can buy £500 worth of coins to acheive 20% off thus costing £400 to spend on apps, music, video's and any Amazon branded hardware such as Fire tablets.

The coins never expire. Could be useful for anyone who is planning to buy a few tablets or Amazon devices in the near future.

300 Amazon Coins worth £3 costs £2.91 saving 3%
500 £4.75 saving 5%
1000 £9 saving 10%
2500 £21.75 saving 13%
5000 £42.50 saving 15%
10000 £82 saving 18%
50000 £400 saving 20%
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