something strange happening in firefire fox help needed!

    when i type in firefox its writing backwards, i cant really explain it.


    its writing like this
    siht ekil gnitirw sti

    what the hell is going on?

    ive had to write this in notepad as its far to difficult in firefox


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    have sorted it now just needed a restart but it wasnt working. eventually checked taskmanager to see firefox was just pretending to be shut down.

    if anyone else get this problem close firefox and restart in safe mode (start-> run-> firefox -safe-mode)

    Hope you get it sorted :thumbsup:

    I've seen it do the same thing myself. It was super-odd. I've no idea why it was doing it.

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    it just happened all of a sudden as well, was writing some emails. sent one email and then tried to type another and got really really confused. all fixed now though so no harm done

    glad u got it sorted :thumbsup:

    Hey guerilla i found your last post and went on, your inbox is full ill send you message after you have cleared it.

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