Something to send video from the computer to the tv?.

    Does anybody know of such a device or any good deals on this sort of things.

    Basically I want to be able to play DVD's / DIVX films (legal) from my computer upstairs and watch them on the tv downstairs somehow. Preferably this would be a wireless device.

    Does anything exist to do this, and if so what sort of price do they cost, and where would be best to buy it?

    Thanks in advance,


    i use my ps3

    In my opinion (and from experience) AV senders are waste of money - the picture can be noisy, affected my microwave, etc.
    After several experiments, I came to conclusion that nothing can beat second-hand Xbox with XBMC on it (you can get one for about 20 quid from high-street shops) and a pair of powerline network connectors.

    If you have an unlimited budged, stick a NAS storagebox on a wireless router with all your films and music on it.

    Then buy a cheap media pc for £200 and connect it to your tv, and you can access your films and music from your tv and also any wireless device in your house can access them.

    Of course this is a £250+ solution lol

    What about ]this from Maplin?

    Not sure if this helps but you can get a standalone divx/dvd player that accepts harddisks via usb. transfer all your files to an appropriate portable storage device (be it a high capacity usb pen or an external HD). I recently bought a freeview box that let you play files via usb from maplin for £20 but it didn't find all channels so i gave it back....i didn't get a chance to test the usb bit. I hear the xbox mc is a cheap solution but it takes quite a but of space!

    lol D00nhamer actually posted somethin similar!


    What about ]this from Maplin?

    A very interesting device, thanks! However, from my experience, file compatibility could be a problem with standalone devices (B-frames, half-pixels, etc).

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    What about ]this from Maplin?

    I was just about to ask about Maplin. This will be perfect, thanks so much, reserved 1 at my local store

    I use an s-video lead from the back of my computer in to the panel on the front of my tv. (yours might be on the back,if not,your video might have it) I also have an XBMC,but this is the easiest and cheapest solution for me. (puter in same room as tv) You could do the same depending on the distance from your puter to the tv that you want to watch stuff on. You can get s-video leads in any length,and also the audio lead that you will need,unless it is just you watching and you can use cordless headphones. (£20 if you don't have) Yes,if you get the lead,or leads long enough,it will be "unsightly" and a bit of a pain plugging it in all the time,but if you don't mind,it is cheap,reliable,and when not in use can be left plugged in and coiled up sitting beside your puter. You will probably only use it on certain nights,the 2 minutes it takes to set up will be worth it and it is cheap (less than £25 for the cables) You just need to make sure your graphics card has s-video out,if not and you don't play a lot of games,you can pick up a suitable card for about £6 + p&p from Ebay,or about £15 new... Away to watch last nights ep. of Lost :thumbsup:
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