Something to spend £650 with boots points

Ive got £650 of boots points, and cant really find anything to buy.
Would like to buy things like ipods and other electronics, do they stock in any boots?
Any good high priced deals in boots anywhere?
Anyone want to buy anything in boots?


Have a look ]here

Probably not legal, but if I were you and had that amount of money I'd wait for the 70% off sale and buy as many toys or electricals as you can, then stick them on ebay and make a profit. A way of getting cash for your points.

Original Poster

I was looking at the cameras but dont really need one personally.
Will probably have to look for some bargins to sell on to get the cash.
Do none of the stores stock ipods? I thought i had seen them instore before.

how have you got that many points?

do boots do 4pts per £1, therefore = 4p?
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