Son broke phone, can you help me find another please nokia 520

    He has dropped his nokia lumia 520 and smashed the screen, I need to find another in black the same please.

    I get confused about all the locked unlocked thingy, he has a tesco monthly payment type thing but the phone was just bought somewhere else not tesco if that makes sense?

    I think tesco sim works in 02 phones or unlocked phones?

    I'm not techie at all so if you can help and post a link to a reasonable price one that his sim will work in I would be really grateful.

    Many thanks


    They have one for 69.99 free delivery on the o2 website
    your sim should work in this


    Take it for repair.

    Original Poster…ck/

    I get to here and it wants me to pick a tariff , I don't see how I just buy the phone?

    The screen in the 520 can be changed in about 20 minutes, very simple to do. Screens are about a tenner on fleabag!!


    You have to pick a tariff then go to basket
    they'll always send you a sim with it

    Original Poster

    It says big bundles or 02 unlimited ? Both say £10 a month, does it matter what I pick, it's not going to charge me monthly though is it as I already have a tesco monthly payment? Sorry for being so dim.

    Original Poster

    Sorry I would not be able to repair it myself and I guess a shop would charge as much as a new phone.

    Hi i just bought one of ebay brand new £50 take a look there a few buy now or make offer that's what i did brand new as well

    Tell him to get a paper round and replace it himself.

    It will just have a pay as you go sim with £10 free top up on it that's ok lol it will not charge you monthly xx

    and no it doesn't matter what tariff you pick xx

    Original Poster

    Thanks very much

    That's ok xx
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