Son building a gaming PC

Posted 15th Feb
My son (13) thinks he know everything about building a PC. He has found the items and they total around £950. I don't know anything so am extremely nervous about buying the items and them not being compatible or worse dangerous. Can anyone share any advice? Thanks
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Put all the parts into this website. It will tell you if it's compatible with each other, and will tell you the minimum power supply you need.
If the parts are all compatible (most are)
Then watch some videos online so you get some idea( it is very easy to do,as long as you don't run into problems)(there are lots of videos if you do run into problems)
Then make it a project for the 2 of you.
Do it together, I did with my son and it’s like building a car then driving it
As previous comments just watch YT video’s and should be ok 👌.
That's quite a lot for a self build and probably overkill, post a list of parts and we can give feedback. It's not hard, pretty much everything only fits in one place and there's only about 10 pieces. The only slightly hard bit is the cpu with the heatsink/fan, everything else is easy.
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That should build a good system.

Have you tried putting the individual components in PC Part Picker? A casual check on Amazon reveals you could save about £20 buying the exact same components there so using the price comparison tool on that could save you more.

Not sure about those fans though. That's an eye watering amount and the case already comes with 2 fans which is more than enough for a system that may not be massively overclocked. Not sure where those 3 would go (front doesn't seem to allow for them for that case model). Some LED Light strips may be a more economical option if he's after the RGB lighting.
One problem I can see, the fans are ARGB 5V, while the motherboard only offers the 12V RGB (not rainbow).
Will need an ARGB controller, a change to a motherboard that supports ARGB 5V, or a change to a fan kit which includes a controller
Looks ok to me.
But I won't spend nearly £50 on case fans.
I would get a case already have RGB fan and spend the money on better PSU and aftermarket cooler instead
kids hey! cost you an arm and leg....... but lets me serious. its £950 for a 13 year!.. u can do a 3600 gaming pc a hell lot cheaper, give us an inbox happy help u out and do it correctly. if u dont feel upto building it i can point u in the direct of some very good prebuilts which are like £20 on top of very good parts, so upto u which way, little more freedom doing it urself, but not the end of the world with decent prebuilts about, the ram is too excess 3600mhz isnt need at near £100 u might as well throw another £20 down n get 32GB least that will be even more future proof so either that or stick with 16gb 3200mhz which is the sweet spot, and ur fans are too excess in cost.
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