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Found 26th Apr 2009
I need to find out the name of a song but i can only remember a few lyrics ive tried those online song finder thingys but no luck - it was on magic yesterday evening and they paly it regurlarly - lyrics go like this at the chorus
" caught up in your wishing well, with hopes and **********)

Anyone have a clue - its a male singer btw

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wet wet wet...

Goodnight Girl

wet wet wet...Goodnight Girl

Yer thats it thanksa lot mate - repped

What about this song - last one
"and love struck romeo ont he streets of serenade"?

Got it - dire straits
wet wet wet - goodnight girl

google is your friend
When ever I wanted to find lyrics I always used to go to those lyric finder sites, but I soon learnt they are indeed pants. Google is definitely your friend, just type in the lyrics you know within speech marks and away you go.
google result number 1 = answer
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