Song on Car Advert - Was About a New Start After a Divorce ............ ?

Found 13th Jul 2011
Maybr i am showing my age !

Anyone settle a nagging question we can't agre on ...........

A few years ago there was an add for a car on the telly and it was about a girl starting again ......... moving on ......... after a divorce ?

Anyone remember - was it Fairground Attraction ?

Any help gratefully rec'd !
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are you referring to the VW Golf advert? I cant remember the track but maybe this will help you get to the bottom of who it was.


lol didnt realise your comment was in fact a link to the very advert I meant. a classic ad that won awards if i remember rightly
thanks for your help - no, itsd the one where a girl sat ina car i think - outside a court and then drives off - its sad, then she feels happy.

think it looked like a wedding at first.

My oh says 'its got to be perfect' was on it - but i am sure it wasn't but can't remember what it was ............. it was a hit song around the time .............. think around mid nineties, but not 100% sure oO
Bluebells - Young at Heart

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thanks X)


Bluebells - Young at Heart … Bluebells - Young at Heart :)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dxygFmLfvQ&feature=related

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