Song Request: My Boy Lollipop/Amarillo/Birdie Dance/Sing-A-Song/Doh-A-Dear REMIX?

    I have the orginal of MBL by Mille Small, but need the remix (NOT Lil Wayne version)

    It more like orginal but just a faster version!?

    Also, I had canny remixes of the others in title, but now when the time comes, I need them, they're nowhere to be seen!

    Cheers Guys!


    I know Bad Manners did it in the 80's.

    Original Poster

    quiz comes later.. i wanna get the playlist sorted first, then i can just sit back and watch people make fools ov them selves ! :thumbsup::oops:

    Original Poster

    any music boffs?

    Original Poster

    Im also after an remix of American Pie (but not madonna or Don McClean Version) if anyone knows of its where abouts!
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