Song Suggestion For A Football Video

Hi all

I am currently in the production stage of a new video about football. I was wondering if anyone could suggest some appropriate songs for me. I am looking for songs that start of slow and build to a crescendo of some sort. If i choose your song you will be credited in the video



'Im just another plastic rag, anooootther plastic raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag im just another plastic rag !'

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Thanks mate you're really on the right tracks. But the only thing is that im sure i have heard this song in hundreds of other football videos.

If you have something more original but in the same style that would be amazing :thumbsup:

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Ignore what i said...thanks a lot

It's not a crazy crescendo, but Stellify by Ian Brown?


Ignore what i said...thanks a lot

Its used a lot but the build up is great.

Cut out some if you like but its a quality song for what you need


Fatboy Slim - Right here right now…71E

Original but first suggestion should be the winner

Probably not what you're looking for but it's incredible nonetheless:



They're both the same piece albeit slightly different versions.

Alternative version by Metallica: ]http//ww…ted

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Thanks for all of the suggestions but i haven't quite found what i am looking for yet.…UNw

Just to give you an idea, this is a previous video that i have produced and my new one will be similar to this.

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Thanks for all of the suggestions but i have made my decision now

just in case you were interested its this song…lTE
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