Song title help.

Help needed on the title of this song.The lyrics are as follows:
Take away 2 from 3 and youll be left with 1
Take away you from me and ILL be left with none to carry
In my arms an empty space in my heart the same
In all this world a lonely place and all my life again
Who would take away the stars from the sky
Who would take away what we have you and I
Multiply or divide answers must agree that in the end side by side theres always you and me
Multiply or divide answers must agree that in the end side by side theres always you and me
It is a man singing it and sounds like Tele Savallas.Help much appreciated.Thanks.


Taylor Swift : Love Story :thumbsup:

riverside by sydney sampson:)

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Taylor Swift : Love Story :thumbsup:

No just tried that one.Rep added.

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riverside by sydney sampson:)

No not that 1 either.Rep added.

1. Who Loves Ya Baby
2. This Is All I Ask
3. Nevertheless
4. Gentle On My Mind
5. Love Is Just A Word
6. When The World Was Young
7. A Good Man Like Me Ain't Got No Business Singing The Blues
8. The Men In My Little Girl's Life
9. Time

I Think of You 03:50 2.
But Beautiful 03:27 3.
What's New 03:05 4.
Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down 04:16 5.
Try to Remember 02:01 6.
Last Time I Saw Her 04:42 7.
Didn't We 04:14 8.
Yesterday When I Was Young 03:05 9.
Look Around You 02:27 10.
We Both Knew It Was Over

any of those ring a bell

This Is Where I Came In by Bee Gees
Anyone Who Had a Heart by Tim Curry

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Thanks for all the ideas we are going through them 1 by 1.Those are the actual words.Its a song on our wedding video that my dad made and he died 2 years ago.We never go to ask him the song title and it is doing my oh head in trying to find it on you tube.I asked here as you are so helpful.

More of talking than singing.

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This Is Where I Came In by Bee GeesAnyone Who Had a Heart by Tim Curry

Not those 2 either.We always thought it was called IF but its not.Rep left.Thanks.

Anymore lyrics op?

Is it fast/slow?

What type of music - country? soul?

telly savalas sang sort of country type stuff i think.

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Anymore lyrics op?Is it fast/slow?What type of music - country? … Anymore lyrics op?Is it fast/slow?What type of music - country? soul?telly savalas sang sort of country type stuff i think.

Its more of talking than singing.Back ground piano slow talking a bit of orchestral.I know thats not spelt right.They are all the lyrics.Sat and wrote them.Sad I know.lol.

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sickly sweet;8503659

http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/a/aaron_neville/dont_take_away_my_heaven.html ?Edit: Scrap that - I found it! http://www.childrenwebmag.com/articles/education/take-away-two-from-three-and-youll-be-left-with-oneThe author's name is: Russ ConwaySong Title: “Take Away Two from Three and You’ll be Left with One”

Thanks a lot.My mum said Russ Conway and we searched you tube but to no avail.Do you now of any more music sites we could try?I think it might be best to pm me if you now of any.

We have found the tune but there are no lyrics.

There is a Russ Conway fan site, if you go here: russconway.co.uk/con…tml this is a link for comments and questions, you could ask them if they have any details of the song which they can send you, there's no harm in asking.

I knew I recognised it from somewhere.

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Thanks guys n gals for all your help.My oh has spent hours up hours searching you tube so I thought I would try on here.I have found it on ebay just have to find out it has lyrics as well as the piano music on.It is Russ Conway always you and me.You have been so helpful.Rep left for you all.


http://www.amazon.co.uk/Very-Best-Russ-Conway/dp/B00006DICS£3.99 delivered

Yep, this one has the words and you can just buy the single for 69p.
Nice to see people on HUKD helping each other

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Just to let you know YES that is the one.Thanks again everyone.Enjoy the bank holiday.:-D:-D:-D:-D

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