Sonic/ultrasonic jewellery cleaner

    I wouldn't mind one of these wee gizmos fro cleaning my jewellery, but I'm not sure what's good or bad, or what to look for. Can anyone advise me?

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    at half price jewellers (HPJ jewellers) they sell gold and silver polishing cloths. Theyr a couple of quid and are a total bargain, they have tiny silver or gold particles in them (depending wich cloths you buy) and polish up ur jewellery really gud and are a bargain

    You see the dirt straight away on the cloths and even with all the dirt you can re use the cloths and they stil work a treat. I found out when i went to an expensive jewellery shop to buy some expensive cleaners but they told me they use the cloths on some of there stuff and to buy them instead. last time i cheked they were around £2.49
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