Posted 27th Nov 2022
Hi all, I was about to pull the trigger on 2 ones and a beam but a lot of people have commented saying they've had nothing but problems when trying to play music on their sonos equipment.
Have you got sonos and how have you found it playing music through Spotify or tunein radio?
I particularly play a lot of kisstory on Alexa but now I'm worried I won't be able to if I buy the sonos 😏
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    I use Google assistant and have never had an issue playing radio on my beam and surrounds sorry can't comment on Alexa, also never had any issues playing Spotify and YouTube music via the Google assistant or Sonos app find it flawless.
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    I had constant issues when skipping tracks through the Sonos apps. My pair of Sonos ones would disappear and then show as not configured. Needed unplugging every single time.

    Then I hardwired one of the speakers and have not had an issue since with either One or the beam.

    I use an eero mesh system though and I have seen issues with them on the Sonos forums.
    Yes I've heard a lot of horror stories, this is what I'm worried about 😏
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    I wouldn’t pair the ones with a beam for surround sound personally as it will lack bass, maybe the Arc with the ones as a minimum.

    Better off buying a beam and a sub in my opinion.

    In terms of Sonos in general, it’s great and will work seamlessly if you have a decent network setup. A lot of peoples issues could have been related to sub par network configs.
    I'm sure it would sound better but unfortunately it's more than double the price of 2 ones 😏
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    Absolutely rock solid on my Ubiquiti WiFi infrastructure. Used to have dropouts prior to that when relying on the BT HomeHub!
    I'm on BT 🤦
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