Sonos or alternatives, need some advice from people who know about music systems please!

Found 1st Aug

I am after some advice about whether to get Sonos or an alternative. This is the situation...

All my music is currently stored on PS3. I am trying to go wireless, like with Sonos but don't know what to go for. It needs to be not ridiculously expensive. Do I just buy a relevant speaker, download an app, upload all my music to an app/cloud /etc and then play it wirelessly from there. It is only for one room so I don't need lots of speakers. I don't own any Apple devices so it can't be through them. The PS3 is a fairly old one without Bluetooth so I can't just connect to a Bluetooth speaker. I don't just want a streaming service, I want to play my own music collection.

So, is Sonos the best option, or is there a better alternative?

And how do I get the music from the PS3 on to the app/cloud etc?

Any suggestions gratefully received!
Thank you!!
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The Sonos is a 'Wifi' only speaker, it has no Bluetooth or line in (apart from the 5). It will only play music from streaming services or internet radio services, you can also play music from a local NAS.
consider cloud storage for music eg amazon/google,
then you have google home/alexa compatibile speakers like sonos, lg, sony, samsung
you wont even need google home or echo device since that can be done via an app on your phone
alternatively you can use google home to connect to any Bluetooth speaker (the quality wont be as good as via wifi and you will have to turn the speaker on)

in regards to ps3 to cloud..... GOOGLE!!!!!
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