Sonos Playbar or Yamaha YSP-2500/2700?

Found 27th Nov 2016
So I have quite a meaty home cinema set up, Yamaha 673 amp, with Q7000 speakers.
For many reasons, I want to downsize and make everything less intrusive, and have a system my wife can operate easily- she just won't go near the present AV set up....
We have a couple of Sonos Play 1's in the kitchen, which my wife loves, and finds super easy to use.
Thought process is buy the Playbar, and job done. Downside is having to add a Sub, if I find the sound not quite up to what I enjoy- the total cost of the two items isn't cheap. Also there is the DTS and optical cable thing to think about.
The Yamaha options comes cheaper or more expensive dependent on which model.
Much better connection options, HDMI etc, and that all important sub included in the price.
Appreciate any comments ;-)
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ive got the 2500 and also came from a full 5.1 setup... cant complain at the quality of the yamaha and the surround it can create... will never beat a seperates system but keeps the wife happy with less wires and seperate amp!
I guess its down to both price and connections there mate.

The Sonos comes at a premium (atleast £1k for playbar and sub if you get a good deal) and only has optical or wireless connections. Which I love for simplicity and less wires. But I fully understand the need for more inputs.

I have the Sonos and cannot praise it enough, having had a fully Pioneer 5.1 setup in the past (which blew me away then). But, I have no doubts you will be happy with both, as the yamaha is also highly rated.
The Q7000 is tiny to start with, can't you install them into the walls, sub can go pretty much anywhere in the room so that isn't an issue. A good Harmony remote with CEC will make using the setup a breeze as well.

The whole lot is wall mountable and the cables can be chased into the walls.
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