Sony 26" EX302 Any Good?

    Hi All

    Please can I have some advice on the Sony 26" EX302. I am looking for a decent 26" tv for the following useage and would just like some clarification that this will fulfill my needs:

    1 - SD Freeview
    (Don't think you can get freeview HD on 26"?? - please correct if wrong)
    2 - PS3
    3 - Blu Ray from PS3
    4 - Computer Monitor for internet browsing and MS office etc...

    Will to consider any alternatives. Thanks in advance.

    Link to tv: KDL-26EX302 (KDL26EX302) : TV and Home Cinema : Sony…tml

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    in b4 it will be very expensive and u can get X Y Z model brands for cheaper

    it will be good for all your needs, freeview hd will be available on smaller sets, as long as the set can show a high definition picture. This model doesnt have the Freewview HD tuner in built but you could buy a separate box when they come out
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