SONY 32" 32V4000 ..... OR ..... SAMSUNG 32" LE32A436 ............ YOU DECIDE!

    So im going to buy one of these....i think!
    Depends on what you guys think! Links in 1st post!

    Which is best in your opinion for PS3 and general tv viewing. Please no alliance posts......i have no experience of either so needs to based on facts.

    Thanks and rep for anyone who posts a good anwer that heps!


    Sony is better tv :thumbsup:

    sony for the quality, but the sammy looks better asthetically


    id go with the sony.

    Original Poster

    so thats unanimous then! Many thanks, rep to all!

    3 year warranty on the sony as well - looks a good deal :-D

    Sony definately
    (What i got)



    but the sammy looks better asthetically


    Sony's arent as good a make as they used to be though and they are overpriced tbh

    I've got Samsung 40 LCD in my front room and a Sony 26" LCD in my conservatory and I am very disappointed with the Sony.. I think I must of got the Sammy set up just about right but I'm struggling with the Sony.. The picture on the Sony is carp compared to the Sammy even through a HDMI connection on a PS3...I know that Sony use a number of panels and the one I got is the rubbish one..
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