Sony 32" or Samsung 32"?

    I have found 2 32 hd tvs and was wondering if anyone has a suggestion on which is better/worse?

    They are the Samsung LE32A436T1DXXU £349 at Dixons not sure if i can pick up! otherwise £379…amp

    and the Sony KDL-32U3000 is £345 delivered…htm

    Now ive looked at spec and seem similar, both 1366 pixels, both seem to have enough inputs and freeview,

    Its mainly going to be used for xbox?, so just wondering what you think is better?

    thanks any help would be good!!


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    samsung all day long.......dont forget quidco for dixons its 5% so could be a further £17 saving and im sure there will be some free delivery codes knocking about if you have a look:thumbsup:

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    ive just found a toshiba for same price as the samsung, on dixons also, but it has 20,000:1 contrast compared to the 8500:1 on the samsung,

    does this make it much better???

    Thanks Jim

    [COLOR="Purple"]I'd go for the Sony every time![/COLOR]


    Sony :thumbsup:

    samsung or sony, forget about the toshiba

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    cheers everyone think im gonna go for the next version up samsung from dixons also, its a very similar price £380 and is slightly better all round!


    ive had both and took the samsung back as the sony was a much smoother picture on fast movement and and generally less pixilated close up and the colours were very natural,although the samsung was still good i found the colours too bright and was constantly changing them to suit different channels but the blacks were amazing,the sony was more of a pleasure to watch and didnt give me eyestrain. sony has always been a quality brand :thumbsup:

    Bought a Samsung in May.

    It was awkward to set the settings and then the picture started vanishing for no good reason so took it back.

    Bought a Sony instead. Easy to set and excellent picture. Doesn't look quite as sexy, but far better quality.

    If you buy at Dixons don't forget Quidco and also use Egg credit card if you have one for an extra 2.5% off as well!

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    Cheers guys i ordered the Samsung le32456c, already!, got the quidco so only £356, i looked at both the models in a shop and the Samsung looked cooler and the picture seemed to have brighter colours, but i will see how it is when it arrives,

    thanks again everyone for your help
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