Sony A200 dslr- Will it get cheaper before christmas..?

    Hey all. Seen this on the other thread at amazon for £242. less the Sony £30, making it £212.

    Anyone think that these camera's will go sub £200 anytime soon..? Tempted to get it now... but can probably hold off a few more weeks.




    im not sure, but check when the cashback offer expires so you dont miss it. I doubt it would go much cheaper personally.

    At Dixons…l.0
    cheapest i can find it.
    It has added delivery, but on quidco (4% cashback , about £9.65ish) it does say free delivery saving another fiver.

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    Thanks both. The £30 cash back voucher expires end of the year I think.
    Will order it from Amazon in a couple of days I am sure,


    Argh the price has gone up today on amazon to £274.99 can't believe it was gonna order it tonight for £242 does anyone know anywhere cheaper ive looked around but can't see anywhere , or do you think it could come back down again

    not alot cheaper but £279 in currys but you get a £10 gift voucher back to spend anytime in December.

    Looks like the cheapest now is £265 from pixmania. NO idea where the price hike is from! Is this an xmas thing, so they can discount afterwards? Or is this the exchange rate biting?

    a300 is still £339 (£299 after cashback).

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    glad i caved in and got it from play using the RAC discount. Ended up costing £227 less around £10 via quidco, less £30 back from sony.. so a total of £187ish . For anyone not convinced purely for the lack of live view, i would say dont even worry about it... I have always been a live view fan (with other camera's) but dont even think about it with this camera... far better qualitynthan anything else I have ever had,


    How did you get this price?

    When I look it up at Play, £299.99 and then RAC discount is only 5% I thought? :?


    Play have increased their price too, it was pretty cheap a couple of weeks back

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    the price was 239.99 and got the RAC discount on that. Pretty sure that the price will come down again soon though,.
    Keep your eye on then search for the camera you want. Pretty good for bags/lenses too.

    You got a bargain from Play, now £319.99!

    Happy with the camera? Looking at it as a gift for my old man and he hates digital cameras due to the delay in taking picture, believe this doesn't suffer from the same. Handled in shops but not actually taken a pic with one.


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    im no expert, and far better qualified people to review it.. run a search! however... my opinion great camera, no delay in taking pics, and has continuous shooting too, so can take several shots in succession meaning you old man wont miss what he is after.

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